Raghunath das goswami….the tiger and the veil.

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The Lord’s pastimes are inconceivable and extremely attractive to the devotees, and he interacts with his pure devotees in the most caring and affectionate way. When Srila Raghunath das goswami was performing his bhajan while residing at the banks of Sri Radhakund, he was totally immersed in internally serving the divine couple with his manjari swaroop and externally performing strict sadhan bhajan, chanting 64 rounds every day, offering thousands of dandavats while remembering the various associates of Sri Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and writing numerous bhakti granthas. While doing his bhajan in this way, he would eat very little and sometimes only take a small bowl of buttermilk to sustain his body. Intensely performing bhajan in this way, he was residing at the bank of Radhakund. Despite the suggestion of Srila Sanatan goswami to build a small hut, he was not in the least conscious or concerned about his own protection and rather just kept on chanting. Seeing the devotion of Srila Raghunath das goswami, Sri Krishna himself was taking care of him, and therefore, once, when a tiger came to the banks of Radhakund to drink water, Srila Sanatan goswami saw Krishna standing there with a stick protecting Srila Raghunath das goswami from the tiger, and on another occasion, he saw Srimati Radhika herself standing under the sun and giving shade to Srila Raghunath das goswami with her veil. Witnessing this, he told Raghunath das goswami to build a hut, as Sri Krishna and Srimati Radhika were themselves serving him, which was not appropriate, as the devotees want to serve the Lord and not take service from him. When Srila Raghunath das goswami heard this, he agreed to let the nearby residents build a hut for him and he continued to perform his bhajan while staying in the hut, immersed in the moods of bhakti. In this way, Krishna and Radharani lovingly take care of their dear devotees.

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