Radharani ki jaya, Maharani ki jaya

rādhārāṇī kī jaya, mahārāṇī kī jaya
bolo barsāne vālī kī jaya jaya jaya

ṭhakurāṇī kī jaya, hari priyā kī jaya
vṛsabhānu-dulārī kī jaya jaya jaya

gaurāńgī kī jaya, hemāńgī kī jaya
vrajarāja-kumārī kī jaya jaya jaya

vraja-rāṇī kī jaya, vraja devī kī jaya
gahvara vana vārī kī jaya jaya jaya


1) All glories to Radharani! All glories to the greatest of all Queens. Sing the glories of Radharani, who lives in Barsana.

2) All glories to Radha Thakurani (Queen Radha), who is the beloved of Sri Hari. All glories to the beloved daughter of King Vrsabhanu.

3) All glories to Radharani who has a fair complexion and golden limbs. All glories to the princess of the King of Vraja.

4) All glories to the Queen of Vraja. All glories to the goddess of Vraja. All glories to Radha who wanders in the Gahvara forest.


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