Radharani brings ingredients for Sanatana

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Srila Raghava Pandita describes a pastime of Sanatana Gosvami by Pavana Sarovara near Nandagrama.


Srila Sanatana Gosvami came from Vrndavana to this lonely forest and constantly worshiped Krsna here in ecstatic love. He stayed here without even endeavouring to collect any food. No one knew that he was there.”


“Krsna then came to him dressed as a cowherdboy, blissfully standing before Him with some milk. He had a beautiful turban on His head and a milkpot in His hand as He told Sanatana Gosvami:


“Nobody knows that you’re here all alone! I saw You here when I came here to herd My cows. Please drink this milk! I will pick up the pot later, just keep it here!”

“We will all be happy if you would stay in a hut (instead of outside)! If you stay here like this, the people of Vraja will be very sad!”


Saying this, Gopala went away and Sanatana drank the milk in an enchanted state. After he drank, he became overwhelmed with ecstatic love and he sprinkled himself with tears. The Lord secretly addressed Sanatana Gosvami and had the people of Vraja make a hut for him.

In this way Sanatana Gosvami got his own dwelling place there. Sometimes Sri Rupa Gosvami also stayed there.”


“One day Sri Rupa Gosvami thought of feeding Sanatana Gosvami (his guru) some ksira (sweet rice). He became hesitant, but Sri Radhika had seen what was on his mind, so She blissfully came before Him as a cowherd girl, bringing ghee (clarified butter), milk, rice and sugar with Her.”

“She told Sri Rupa:


“O Svamiji! Take all these ingredients, quickly cook for Krsna and offer it to Him! My mother told Me to do this, so don’t feel shy at all!”


After saying this, Sri Radhika joyfully left and Sri Rupa Gosvami blissfully began to cook.”


“After offering the food to Krsna, Rupa Gosvami served it to Sanatana Gosvami. I cannot describe Sanatana Gosvami’s ecstasy when he smelled the nice fragrance of these dishes! After he had eaten one or two mouthfuls, Sanatana became agitated with ecstasy and could not withold his tears of love. When Sanatana Gosvami inquired about the origin of the ingredients, Sri Rupa Gosvami gradually told him everything.”


“Hearing the story, Sanatana Gosvami repeatedly forbade Sri Rupa Gosvami to prepare food for which Sri Radhika personally had to come to provide the ingredients.

After that he honoured the prasada, leaving Sri Rupa repenting his act.

Sri Radhika then appeared to Sri Rupa in a dream and consoled him. Sanatana Gosvami was aware of that (so he did not blame Rupa Gosvami anymore).”



“Ahe Srinivasa! The Vaisnava-world was astonished at the gravity of Rupa Gosvami! One day he felt so much separation from Radha and Krsna that he cried and fainted, falling on the ground before the Vaisnavas. His heart was as if burning in the high flames of a fire, but still none of this was externally visible. But if Sri Rupa’s outgoing breath touched anyone’s body, that body was burned and caught a blister!”



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