Campakalata (or Campakamallika)

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Who is she
Campakalata is the third of the varistha-gopis.


Physical color
Her complexion is the color of a blossoming yellow campaka flower.


Her garments are the color of a blue-jay’s.


She is one day younger than Srimati Radharani, and her age is 14 years, 2 months and 13 1/2 days.


Her father is Arama






Her qualities are much like those of Visakha.
Campakalata, who loves Krsna very much, personifies the stage of a nayika known as vasaka-sajja. Her nature is vama-madhya.
This gopi ornaments and perfumes her body and prepares and decorates the bed-chamber in the kunja in eager anticipation of her lover’s arrival.
She is determined to engage in games of Kamadeva.
Hoping that her lover will come as soon as he can, the vasaka-nayika gazes down the path along which her lover will approach.
While sitting with her sakhis she glorifies her lover, and hears his lila-katha from them.
At every moment she eagerly waits for a messenger to bring news of her lover.


What she does
Her seva is to offer jewelled necklaces and to fan with a camara.
Campakalata veils her activities in great secrecy.
She is expert at the art of logical persuasion, and she is a skilled diplomat who knows how to thwart Srimati Radharani’s rivals.
Campakalata is expert at collecting fruits, flowers, and roots from the forest. Of all the gopis who are appointed as protectoresses of the trees, creepers, and bushes of Vrndavana, the leader is Campakalata-devi.
She is an expert cook who knows all the literatures describing the six flavors of gourmet cooking. She is so expert at making various kinds of candy that she has become famous by the name Mistahasta (sweet hands).
Using only the skill of her hands, she can artistically fashion things from clay.


House in Goloka
On the southern petal of Madana-sukhada Kunja lies Kamalata Kunja, the home of Sri Krsna’s beloved Sri Campakalata.
This extremely blissful kunja is the color of molten gold.


Campakalata Yutha


She appears as Sri Sivananda.


Her town
Kehrala is her town



Second article

Campakalata is expert in supervising the messengers.
She always conceals the intentions behind her actions and is most clever in logical speech. She reveals the inferiority of the opposing party and demonstrates the superiority of her own party by accomplishing tasks and by deftness.
Campakalata is especially skilled in collecting fruits, flowers and edible roots as well as in how to use them. She is highly skilled in making objects out of clay just by cleverly using her hands. She is learned in testing the six kinds of tastes (Sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty and astringent) as well as in the scriptures that completely delineate the methods of cooking (suda-sastra). She is known as Mista-hasta because she is skilled in using sugar candy to make sweets of different shapes (sweet hands).


#Campakalata is the supervisor of the sakhis and maid- servants who make different preparations from milk; of the eight sakhis beginning from Kurangakshi; and of the gopis who take care of the trees, creepers, bushes and other vegetation of Vraja.



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