Radha Flushed With Boundless Joy


Śrī Hari’s handsome face, framed by fickle locks of hair and fragrant as a lotus flower, was beautified with makara earrings, a gentle smile and eyes indolent with pleasure. Lotus-eyed Rādhā became eager to enjoy again upon admiring Śyāma’s limbs decorated with bite marks and smudges of kajjala. Rādhā’s soft smile and Her eyes lowered out of shyness ignited Śyāma’s desire for amorous affairs.

Krishna slowly lifted Rādhā’s lowered head with His left hand. Raising Rādhā’s chin with His right hand, Krishna bent His neck and kissed the smiling cheeks of Rādhikā’s lovely lotus face. Rādhā submerged in an ocean of happiness from the touch of Her lover’s lips. Yet with Her eyes half closed and Her delicate hands trembling, Rādhā softly uttered, “No, no!” Rādhā’s contrary mood delighted the onlooking sakhīs[1].

“Today the incomparable beauty and sweetness of My youth, unrivalled in the three worlds, have attained perfection because they have been blissfully enjoyed by My beloved.”

While Rādhikā thought like this, Krishna consumed all the nectar of Her extraordinary sweetness with His eyes. Rādhā flushed with boundless joy. She then made Krishna’s lotus face the playground of Her enchanting side- long glances.

[1] Govinda-līlāmṛta 1.54-59


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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