Performing Services for Rādhā


There were raised platforms for sleeping, eating and sitting at various places in the palace. Rādhā’s mañjarīs cleansed them with water and smeared sandalwood paste and other fragrant unguents on them. The mañjarīs would spread soft deerskins on the dry platforms and happily hang canopies laced with pearls above them.

One maidservant polished a gem-studded golden pot, while another brought water suitable for the season (warm in winter, cool in summer). Another mañjarī placed a bolster on a jeweled bench covered with colorful cloth. One mañjarī, with tinkling bangles, opened a chest to inspect Rādhā’s dress and ornaments that she had cleaned and stored the previous day. She ground camphor, kuṅkuma and sandalwood. One kind-hearted mañjarī designed a crown, bangles, necklaces and a sash out of fresh flowers. Another servant lovingly prepared tasty[1] tāmbūla.[2]

[1] Betel nut combined with cloves, nutmeg, catechu and other flavorful ingredients

[2] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛta 3.6-9


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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