Parjanya and Variyasi

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Krishna’s paternal grandfather (Parjanya)

The name of Sri Krishna’s paternal grandfather is Parjanya[1] because he showers torrents of auspicious nectar. His bodily complexion resembles molten gold and both his hair and clothing are of white colour.

Grandfather Sri Parjanya is the object of veneration to all in Vraja.

In bygone times, Parjanya lived in the area of Nandisvara[2]. He wished to beget illustrious offspring, so following the instructions of Devarsi Narada he worshipped Narayana, the husband of Lakshmi-devi. After performing austerities for a long time, Parjanya Maharaja heard a most pleasant divine voice from the heights of the sky. The voice said,

“O Parjanya, five sons will be born to you as a result of your most excellent austerities. The best of them will be the middle one. He will be famous by the name Nanda. The son of this Nanda will be victorious in the entire world and bestow joy in the land of Vraja. Both the demigods and the demons will worship His lotus feet with the jewels decorating their heads.”

With a happy heart Parjanya resided in the area of Nandisvara for some time, but when he heard about the Kesi demon’s arrival there, he became fearful and moved to Mahavana (Gokula) with his entire family.

Krishna’s paternal grandmother (Variyasi)

Sri Krishna’s paternal grandmother is Variyasi.

She is most revered throughout Vraja-mandala. Her bodily complexion resembles the colour of the orange-red kusumbha flower (safflower) and her garments are green. She is short and her hair is completely white as milk.


[1]  Parjanya means cloud, or rain-cloud.

[2] Also called Nandagrama or Nandagaon


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