Pancavati and Jatayu

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Following Agastya’s advice, Rama, Laksmana, and Sita went to Pancavati. As they made their way to their destination, they encountered a giant vulture watching them menacingly. It was so big that Sita began to tremble with fear. Rama stopped his brother, who was about to grab the sword, and turned to the huge animal.

“Who are you? Are you a Raksasa? I am Prince Rama, and I was born for the destruction of all demons. So, if you are one of those evil beings, prepare to die.”

The animal, hearing Rama’s name, seemed to change its expression and was filled with happiness.

“Rama! Are you Rama? Oh,  Dasaratha’s son! My name is Jatayu and your father was an old friend of mine.”

Laksmana calmed down and removed his nervous hand from the hilt of the sword.

“My father is Aruna,” Jatayu went on, “Garuda’s brother, and my mother is Syeni. I also have a brother, Sampati. I am wandering in this forest looking for a quiet place to live, but I haven’t found it yet. If you are  Dasaratha’s children, I would like to build my house near your hut. I will be useful to you. When you are away I will protect your wife from any danger.”

Rama smiled and accepted. So Jatayu went to Pancavati with them.

Pancavati was truly beautiful as Agastya had described it. Rama lived happily there for a long time enjoying Sita and Laksmana’s company in a hut that was skillfully built by his brother.


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