Ordinary Servants of Sri Krishna

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Ordinary Servants

Sobhana, Dipana and other servants take care of Sri Krishna’s lanterns. Sudhakara, Sudhanada, Sananda and other servants play mridanga. They are all experts in singing, playing musical instruments and the other sixty-four arts. Many good qualities ornament them, and they are skilled in playing a specific kind of vina called mahati[1].

Vicitrarava, Madhurarava and other servants are Sri Krishna’s panegyrists (vandis), and Candrahasa, Induhasa, Candramukha and others are dancers.

Kalakantha, Sukantha, Sudhakantha, Bharata, Sarada, Vidyavilasa, Sarasa and other servants of Krishna are experts in composing literary works about all kinds of subjects. They are conversant in rasa. They play rhythmical instruments to give the tempo to the music and dance.

A servant named Raucika, who is an expert tailor, sews kurtas and other garments for Sri Krishna.

Sumukha, Durlabha, Ranjana and other servants are engaged in washing His clothes.

The two servants Punyapunja and Bhagyarasi are sweepers who clean Sri Krishna’s home and the surroundings of His home.

The jewellers Rangana and Tankana make ornaments for Krishna. The potters named Pavana and Karmatha make churning pots and earthen bowls, cups and other vessels.

The two servants Vardhaki and Vardhamana are carpenters who make Krishna’s bed, ox-cart and other such things. Sucitra and Vicitra are artists who paint colourful pictures for His pleasure.

Kunda, Kanthola, Karanda, Katula and other servants are craftsmen. They prepare items to be used in Krishna’s service, such as ropes, churning rods, axes, boxes and baskets made of flat rope for carrying fruits and vegetables.

Mangala, Pingala, Ganga, Pisangi, Manikastani, Hamsi, Vamsipriya and other cows are most dear to Sri Krishna and are known as the best of cows.

The two bulls Padmagandha and Pisangaksha are most dear to Sri Krishna. His deer is called Suranga and His monkey’s name is Dadhilobha.

Sri Krishna also has two pet dogs, Vyaghra and Bhramaraka; a swan named Kalasvana; a peacock called Tandavika; and two male parrots named Daksha and Vicakshana.


[1] There are many types of vinas. The gandharva Visvavasu plays a vina called vrihati; gandharva Tumburu’s vina is called kanavati; Goddess Sarasvati’s vina is named kacchapi; and Narada’s vina is called mahati.


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