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Hare Krishna 🙏 Radhe Radhe 💜

Thank you for yesterday’s class, I had to take a long moment to digest most of the information that you provided. I thought in the class we read the Bhagavat Gita verse and discusses it. Being given so much information was exciting but a little too overwhelming for me. Maybe I should read the entire chapter before attending the next class? Any suggestions?



Hare Krishna***.

I was asked to give a series of generic Bhagavad-gita lessons, that is, to give an idea of what are Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna in 18 lessons. Bhagavad-gita has 18 chapters plus the introduction, so it will last 19 weeks in all.

Inevitably, especially when dealing with complex issues, we cannot go into specifics and therefore it is understandable that you feel overwhelmed by so many information.

My advice to you is to come to classes anyway even if you won’t understand or be able “to digest” everything in a moment. More detailed lessons will come in the future. Of course you can read the chapter before the lesson (the next is the fifth) and then you can freely ask questions on live.


Also don’t forget that we are writing and publishing so many books, where you’ll find answers to your questions.
The link is below.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)




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