Nistha-bhajana (Bhajana with firm faith)

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Mukunda-mala-stotra (37) says that identification with the material body should be renounced:

idam sariram sata-sandhi-jarjaram

pataty avasyam parinam-apesalam

kim ausadham prcchasi mudha durmate

niramayam krishna-rasayanam piba

A person should free himself from false identification with the material body, which is made up of five material elements and hundreds of joints that will wear out. One day this body will fall lifeless, and the result will be that it will turn into ash or insect droppings. At that point everyone will think that the body is despicable, and therefore it is foolish to be attached to it. O mind, hear my truthful words! The powerful medicine for curing this material disease is to continually drink the nectar of Krishna’s name.

One must become tolerant like a tree and compassionate towards all living entities. Thus, it is established by Lord Brahma in Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.9.12):

natiprasidati tathopacitopacarair

aradhitah sura-ganair hrdi baddha-kamaih

yat sarva-bhuta-dayayasad-alabhyayaiko

nana-janesv avahitah suhrd antar-atma

My Lord, the worship that the demigods offer You does not satisfy you very much. They strive to make you a lavish cult with numerous objects, while harboring many material desires. You are present in the heart of every being as a Supreme Soul for the sole purpose of spreading Your unconditional mercy on everyone. You are the eternal benefactor but remain inaccessible to the non-devotee.

Respecting devotees is glorified in these words from the Mukunda-mala-stotra (35):

srnvam sato bhagavato guna-kirtanani

dehe na yasya pulakodgama-roma-rajih

notpadyate nayanayor vimalambu-mala

dhik tasya jivitam aho purusadhamasya

If one hears the glorification of Krishna’s name, His form and His qualities from the lips of a devotee and yet the hair does not stand up and tears of ecstasy come out of one’s eyes, what is the use of staying alive?


Knowledge of Krishna’s glories is further described in Mukunda-mala-stotra (43):

krsno raksati no jagat-traya-guruh krsno hi visvambharah

krishnad eva samutthitam jagad idam krsne layamgacchati

krsne tisthati visvam etad akhilam krishnasya dasa vayam

krsnenakhila sad-gatir-vitarita krishnaya tasmai namah

May Sri Krishna, the spiritual master of the three worlds, protect us all. Krishna is also known by the name of Visvambhara because after manifesting it, He Himself maintains this world and, in the course of time, will destroy it. All creation is in Krishna, so we are all His servants. He distributes the wealth of the world. With full faith we offer our obeisances to Lord Krishna, who grants the individual the ultimate goal.

You were born to perform devotional service to Krishna. In fact, in this world, everything except devotional service is false.

The desire for Krishna consciousness is also described in Mukunda-mala-stotra (33):

krishna tvadiya-pada-pankaja-panjarantam

adyaiva visatu me manasa-raja-hamsah

prana-prayana-samaye kapha-vata-pittaih

kanthavarodhana-vidhau smaranam kutas te

My Lord, Krishna, I pray that the swan of my mind will immediately immerse itself in the coats of arms of the lotus feet of Your Grace and be trapped in their intertwining; otherwise at the moment of my final breath, when my throat will choke from the cough, how will it be possible to think of you?

In such a condition, Your holy name will not manifest itself on my tongue. If I leave my body without remembering You, how will I reach You?

The practice of humility as described in the following verses from the Stotra-ratna is important:


na dharma-nistho ‘smi na catma-see

na bhaktimams tvac-caranaravinde

akincano ‘nanya-gatih saranya

tvat-pada-mulam saranam prapadye

O Hari! I have no faith in religious principles, and I have no knowledge of the soul. Also, I have no devotion to Your lotus feet. I am totally miserable, a scoundrel with no idea what the purpose of life is. In this way I always cheat myself. You are the deliverer of fallen souls and I am an insignificant fallen soul. Therefore, You are the only purpose of my life. Having reached Your lotus feet, I take refuge in You, for You are My eternal Lord and I Your servant.

na ninditam karma tad asti loke

sahasraso yan na maya vyadhayi

so ‘ham vipakavasare mukunda

krandami sampraty agatis tavagre

There is no sin in the world that has not been committed thousands and thousands of times. Now the results of such sinful activities begin to bear fruit and toss me in this material ocean. O Mukunda! Seeing no other way, I cry again and again in front of You. Punish me as you think I deserve, since it is You who sanction the punishments, You, my Lord.


This is a section of the book “Bhajana Rahasya”, by Bhaktivinode Thakura.

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