Narada Muni’s desire to accelerate the descent of the Lord


The question is, could this action by Narada Muni not be seen as something selfish on the part of a Holy person just because he had the feeling and desire to accelerate the arrival of the Supreme Lord?



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The devotees always have a strong desire to see the Lord and watch Him performing pastimes.

While in the material world wanting something for ourselves may be characterized as egoistic with a negative value, especially if it is not for the benefit of everyone, in the spiritual world it is natural and is only positive.

This is because there is not real qualitative difference between the desires of the Lord and the desires of His pure devotees.


Therefore Narada Muni’s desire to accelerate the descent of the Lord in this planet is not negative, it is certainly spiritual and, as history tell us, it came for the benefit of everyone. 


Hare Krishna
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Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)



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