Nandisvara Hill is Sri Krishna’s Residence

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Manasa-ganga’s[1] bathing-place is widely known as Paranga-ghata. A boat called Suvilasatara is splendidly situated there.


Nandisvara Hill is Sri Krishna’s residence. The place is so splendorous that it seems as if Lakshmi-devi personally resides there.

On top of Nandisvara Hill is a large rock, which is whitish with a tinge of pale yellow. The radiant, beautifully decorated palace situated on this rock is Krishna’s abode.

Krishna maddens the hearts of everyone in Vraja: moving and non-moving beings, insects and worms, animals and birds, rivers, mountains, and gopas and gopis. Because He lives in this palace together with Sri Nanda, Yasoda, Baladeva, Mother Rohini and others, everyone calls it Amoda-varddhana[2].


[1] It’s also known as Manasi Ganga

[2] amoda = pleasure; varddhana = increase


This is a section of the book “Sri Sri Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika”.

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