Nandimukhi is Fair-Complexioned

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Vrinda’s bodily complexion is attractive like molten gold. She wears blue garments and is decorated with pearls and flowers.

Vrinda’s father is Candrabhanu and her mother’s name is Phullara. Her husband’s name is Mahipala and her sister is Manjari.

Vrinda always resides in Vrindavana. She is eager to relish many kinds of ecstatic pastimes as well as to arrange meetings between Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. She is always immersed in love for Them.


Nandimukhi is fair-complexioned. She wears silk clothes. Her father is Sandipani Muni and her chaste mother’s name is Sumukhi. Her brother’s name is Madhumangala and her paternal grandmother is Paurnamasi. Nandimukhi is decorated with various jewels and is in the prime of youth.

Nandimukhi is skilled in making enquiries about various topics. She is talented in many kinds of fine arts and in arranging meetings between Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. She is always carried away by her love for both of Them.


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