Nanda Maharaja brothers (Nandana)

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Nanda Maharaja brothers (Nandana)

The bodily complexion of Nandana is like the colour of the throat of the peacock and his clothes resemble the colour of a candata[1]. Sri Nandana lives together with his father, Sri Parjanya Maharaja, and has gentle love for Krishna.

His wife’s name is Atulya. Her complexion resembles lightning and her clothes are like the blackish blue colour of rain clouds.


Nanda Maharaja two sisters (Sananda and Nandini)

Sri Krishna’s father, Vrajaraja Nanda, has two sisters named Sananda and Nandini.

They wear many different types of colourful clothes. They do not have many teeth and their bodily complexions are whitish like foam.

Sananda’s husband is Mahanila and Nandini’s is Sunila. Mahanila and Sunila are thus Sri Krishna’s uncles.

[1] Oleander flower


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