My own prayers


Good morning Guru Maharaja, nestow your blessings to me.
Maharaja sometimes I see that the devotees say we should pray, pray for this, etc. However, when I went to a Christian church I already knew the prayers, apart from our father, but in the movement of Krishna consciousness I do not see or know how to make a prayer.
Note: I know that when we sing we pray, but how to do it from my own construction, I don’t know.


Dear Bhakta Jomi,
Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The prayers should not be constructed by common people but by divine personalities, like Avataras or Acaryas. They know how to pray and how to make sure that our feelings arrive to Him.
Bonafide prayers are called mantras, which are transcendental both in sound and in contents.
We have countless mantras that you can learn how to recite or sing. Those will purify your mind and heart.

Prayers made by us are not effective because we have material desires and we do not know Krishna very well. Therefore we’ll end up asking for material things from Krishna, which is an inappropriate thing to do.
We shouldn’t go to God asking for bread. He already gave it to us. We just have to till the fields and have bread, fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk and all.
We have to go to Krishna asking for devotional service.


Your well-wisher
Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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