Mother Yasoda

Krsna’s mother is named Yasoda because she bestows (da) fame (yasah) on the cowherd residents of Vraja. She is like the personification of parental love for Krnsa. Her complexion is dark and her garments are like a rainbow.

Mother Yasoda’s body is of a medium size, neither large nor small. She has long black hair. Her closest friends are Aindavi and Kirtida.

Yasoda is the wife of Nanda, the king of Gokula. She is the queen of the cowherd men in Vraja, the friend of Devaki and the mother of Lord Krsna.

The friendship of Yasoda is described in the following statement of the Adi Purana : “The wife of Maharaja Nanda was known by two names, Yasoda and Devaki. Partly because they share the same name (Devaki) the wife of Maharaja Nanda and the wife of Maharaja Vasudeva were great friends.”

Yasodevi and Yasasvini are the sisters of Krsna’s mother Yasoda. Yasasvini’s husband is named Malla. Yasodevi is elder. Her complexion is dark and she is also known by the name Dadhisara. Yasasvini is younger. Her complexion is fair and she is also known by the name Havihsara. Both dress in vermillion-colored garments. Yasoda’s sisters married the two ksatriyas Catu and Batuka. Yasoda’s uncle Carumukha has one son who is named Sucaru.

Vatsala, Kusala, Tali, Medura, Masrna, Krpa, Sankini, Bimbini, Mitra, Subhaga, Bhogini, Prabha, Sarika Hingula, Niti, Kapila, Dhamanidhara, Paksati, Pataka, Pundi, Sutunda, Tusti, Anjana, Tarangaksi, Taralika, Subhada, Malika, Angada, Visala, Sallaki, Vena and Vartika are among the contemporary associates of Krsna’s mother, Yasoda-devi.

(Sri Sri Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika)


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