More difficult than controlling the wind


In the gita Arjuna tells Krsna that controlling the mind is more difficult than controlling the wind. If intelligence is more subtle, is not then even more difficult to control?



We know that Pradhana (the initial indifferentiated and unmanifested material nature) is composed of 24 elements (see Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.26, several verses).

It has five gross elements, 5 subtle, 5 sense for acquisition of experience, 5 action organs and 4 subtle internal senses.


The 4 subtle internal senses are

  1. mind,
  2. intelligence,
  3. false ego and
  4. contaminated consciosness.


Mind (manas) has the function of directing the senses. As a invert result, mind receives the sensorial experience and store them. Formed by the quality of those experiences, it continue directing the senses towards material actions. As a chain reaction, more and more the senses increase the pursuit of pleasure and more the mind keeps directing in that way.

Emotions, thoughts and desires are part of the mind.


Intelligence (buddhi) has no direct contact with the senses, its nature is logic and pragmatic. It could tell the mind to act in different ways but if it has no knowledge of the truth it doesn’t know what to do.

For this reason to study is so important. We can control the mind through intelligence.


For these and other reasons the mind is more difficult to control because its commander (buddhi) is in a stupefied state.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

8 oct 18






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