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The Manjaris are the spiritual characters for whom we receive the most questions.
They are the devotees of Radha and Krishna par excellence, those whose feelings we wish to emulate. It is said that we, as devotees of Krishna, are rupanuga, Rupa Gosvami’s followers. Rupa Gosvami is a Manjari.

Here you will find a lot of information about the Manjari. Not to be missed!


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Asta Manjari and Gosvamis
Birth and growth of a Manjari
Kanta-bhava or manjari-bhava
Manjari 1
Manjari Bhava – You are All Fortunate
Manjari Bhava
Manjari of Radharani
Manjari, age and purpose
The loving seva of a Manjari in astakaliya lila
The term Manjari Bhava
Why the mood (bhava) of the manjaris is unique
Rupa manjari
Rati manjari 
Lavanga manjari
Rasa manjari
Guna manjari
Manjulali manjari
Lila Manjari
Vilasa manjari
Raga Manjari
Prema Manjari
Mani Manjari
Suvarna Manjari
Kama Manjari
Ratna Manjari
Kasturi Manjari
Gandha Manjari
Netra Manjari
Sri Padma Manjari
Hema Manjari 
Las Manjaris y los seis Gosvamis de Vrindavana
Asta Manjari e Gosvami
Chi sono le otto Manjari




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