Maha-bharata, Adi Parva, Anukramanika Parva, Adhyaya 1, verses 88-93

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Adhyaya 1
Maha-bharata as a tree


This work is a tree, of which the Adhyaya of contents is the seed ;
the divisions called Pauloma and Astika are the root;
the part called Sambhava is the trunk;
the books called Sabha and Aranya are the roosting perches;
the books called Arani is the knitting knots; 88

the books called Virata and Udyoga the pith;
the book named Bhishma, the main branch;
the book called Drona, the leaves;
the book called Karna,
the fair flowers;
the book named Salya, their sweet smell;
the books entitled Stri and Aishika, the refreshing shade;
the book called Santi, the mighty fruit; 89, 90

the book called Asvamedha, the immortal sap;
the denominated Asramavasika, the spot where it grows;
and the book called Mausala, is an epitome of the Vedas and held in great respect by the virtuous Brahmanas. 91

The tree of the Bharata, inexhaustible to mankind as the clouds, shall be as a source of livelihood to all distinguished sages. 92


Sauti continued,
I will now speak of the undying flowery and fruitful productions of this tree, possessed of pure and pleasant taste, and not to be destroyed even by the immortals. 93



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