Maha-Bharata, Adi Parva, INDEX – Last update September 16, 2020

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by Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa
sloka by sloka with Bhaktivedanta Darsana






Anukramanika Parva (Adhyaya 1)

The arrival of Sauti

Questions by the sages

Sauti begins narrating

Short description of creation

Vyasa composes Maha-bharata

Maha-bharata as a tree

When Maha-bharata was published

Different editions of the Maha-bharata

A summary, from Pandu on

The lament of Dhritarastra

Sacrality and importance of the Maha-bharata


Parva Sangraha Parva (Adhyaya 2)

The story of Samantapancaka

Description of the Aksauhinis

Division and summary of the Parvas

Summary of Adi Parva

Summary of Sabha Parva

Summary of Aranya Parva

Summary of Virata Parva

Summary of Udyoga Parva

Summary of Bhisma Parva

Summary of Drona Parva

Summary of Karna Parva

Summary of Salya Parva

Summary of Sauptika Parva

Summary of Stri Parva

Summary of Santi Parva

Summary of Anusasana Parva

Summary of Asvamedhika Parva

Summary of Asramavasika Parva

Summary of Mausala Parva

Summary of Mahaprasthanika Parva

Summary of Svarga Parva



Pausya Parva (Adhyaya 3)

Sarama curses Janamejaya

The difficult trials of the three disciples of Ayoda Dhaumya

Uttanka and his enmity with the snakes

Uttanka seeking revenge


Pauloma Parva (Adhyaya 4-12)

Adhyaya 4 Waiting for Saunaka Rishi
Adhyaya 5 Dialogue between the Raksasa Puloma and Agni
Adhyaya 6 Bhrigu curses Agni
Adhyaya 7 Agni freed from the curse
Adhyaya 8 Story of Ruru and Pramadvara
Adhyaya 9 Ruru vows to kill all snakes
Adhyaya 11 Story of the Dundubha


Astika Parva   (from Adhyaya 13 to 58)

Adhyaya 13 Dialogue between Jaratkaru and his forefathers
Adhyaya 35 Names of Nagas
Adhyaya 36 Story of Sesa Naga
Adhyaya 37 Conversation of Vasuki and other snakes
Adhyaya 40 Jaratkaru and Pariksit
Adhyaya 41 Pariksit cursed by Sringi
Adhyaya 42 Conversation between Taksaka and Kasyapa
Adhyaya 43 Taksaka’s bite
Adhyaya 48 Birth of Astika
Adhyaya 49 Story of Pariksit
Adhyaya 50 Conversation of Pariksit and ministers
Adhyaya 51 The snake-sacrifice
Adhyaya 54 Astika’s arrival at the sacrifice
Adhyaya 55 Astika praises the sacrifice
Adhyaya 56 Boon for Astika by the king
Adhyaya 57 Narration of the names of snakes
Adhyaya 58 End of the Snake-sacrifice


Ansavatarana Parva     (from Adhyaya 59 to 64)

Adhyaya 59 Vaisampayana requested to narrate the Maha-bharata
Adhyaya 62 Glories of the Maha-bharata
Adhyaya 64 Brief account of incarnation of gods etc.




The other Parvas still to come

7.    Sambhava Parva from Adhyaya 65 to 140
8.    Jatugriha Parva from Adhyaya 141 to 151
9.    Hidimba-vadha Parva from Adhyaya 152 to 156
10.  Baka-vadha Parva from Adhyaya 157 to 164
11.  Caitraratha Parva from Adhyaya 165 to 183
12.  Svayamvara Parva from Adhyaya 184 to 192
13.  Vaivahika Parva from Adhyaya 193 to 199
14.  Viduragamana Parva from Adhyaya 200 to 207
15.  Rajya-labha Parva from Adhyaya 208 to 212
16.  Arjuna-vanavasa Parva from Adhyaya 213 to 218
17.  Subhadra-harana Parva from Adhyaya 219 to 220
18.  Haranaharana Parva from Adhyaya 221 to 221
19.  Khandava-daha Parva from Adhyaya 222 to 234


The Maha-bharata will be constantly updated and enriched with new documents. The full version of the Adi Parva, as well as all other Parvas to come, will be available from Kadacha Editions.
For any information write to us.





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