Leave the Banks of Yamuna and Hurry Home


Śukadeva, an abode of matchless bhagavat-prema, sang the beautiful Bhāgavata verses to glorify Lord Krishna, and to enlighten the people of the world. Vṛndā’s two pet parrots, Dakṣa[1] and Vicakṣaṇa[2], recited verses to wake up the master of the universe[3].

Dakṣa said,

“O most learned in all the arts of Cupid! O nectar for the gopīs’ eyes! O mad elephant sporting in the stream of Your beloved’s affection. You inundate the whole world with immense sweetness! O ocean of rasa! It is not improper that You are sleeping now, savoring the bliss of Your lover’s lips. The night, well known as the giver of momentary pleasure, that fulfilled Your desire for love is now ending Your love festival with its departure[4].”

Vicakṣaṇa said,

“O lord, please wake up and slacken the embrace of Your beloved. Dawn has come, now quickly return to Vraja. You must cleverly conceal Your erotic desires. If You don’t hurry, Your amorous affairs will be discovered and broadcast everywhere. O bliss of the vrajavāsīs! You are the moon rising over the milk ocean of Nanda’s heart! O flower on the holy creeper of the queen of Vraja! Go home now and make Your friends happy![5]

The female parrot named Mañjubhāśiṇī[6] said,

“O friend of Gokula, ocean of rasa! Glory to You! Wake up and rise from Your bed that glistens like the moon. Awaken Your dear most beloved who, exhausted from the passion of love, lies resting on Your shoulder. O lord of Vraja! The swiftly rising sun is by nature very cruel toward the young damsels of Vṛndāvana. Therefore You must leave the banks of the Yamunā and hurry home[7].”


[1] Skillful

[2] Wise

[3] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛtam 1.28

[4] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛtam 1.30

[5] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛtam 1.32

[6] Charming speaker

[7] Govinda-līlāmṛta 1.23-24



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