Lalita Devi

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The parama-prestha sakhis are considered to be the most prominent of all the niyukta sakhis. Sri Lalita-devi is even the leader of all the parama-prestha sakhis.

Sri Lalita knows perfectly well all of Radha and Krishna’s transcendental emotions. She arranges both Their meetings and loving quarrels. Because she is in Radharani’s party, she sometimes suddenly even offends Madhava.

When loving quarrels as well as arrogant words, retorts and arguments take place, Lalita sometimes becomes filled with great anger, and sometimes, when her sentiments become one with Radha’s, she lowers her face[1]. At that time, she becomes covered by her friend Sri Radha’s effulgent complexion, which is like molten gold, although her own complexion resembles gorocana.

[1] Her way of accepting Radharani’s mood


…Continued in the book


This is a section of the book “Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika”, en English.

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