Krishna’s Joke

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Sri Jagadananda Raya:

Krshna stopped the boat at the middle of the river and demanded the fare, He smiled as He looked at the frightened face of the Gopis, who had no money to pay.

Sri Suryadasa:

Radha says,

“O Krishna, as You said, I have thrown the milk products, My necklace and all My belongings in the river, but still the shore is still afar.”

Radha says,

“The boat is heavily tossed up by the wind. The gushing water is sinking the boat in Yamuna. Destiny is My enemy, but even in this calamity, the lusty Krishna puts His hands on Me.” 

Radha again says,

“My hands are tired and I cannot push the water out anymore. Nevertheless, you still joke at Me. Hey Krishna, if I surmount this, I no more step into Your boat.”


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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