Gomati Kunda, Ujjain

Also known as Kosi Kalan and Kosivan.

This place is situated on the Mathura–Delhi highway about thirty-five miles from Mathura and some ten miles from Chatravana. It’s fairly big town.

Here Sri Krishna arranged for Nanda Baba to have darshan of Kushasthali at Gomati-kunda, situated west of the village.


Kosi is taken from the Sanskrit word Kosai which means “who are you.”

This is the answer Srimati Radharani gave to Krishna, when He came once to see Her.

Pretending ignorance and speaking in a taunting voice, Radhika asked Krishna,

“Ko ‘si? – Who are You?”

This place is therefore called Kosi or Kosivan.



Once, Sri Krishna was so eager to meet Radhika that He knocked on Her door.

From inside the house, Radhika asked,

“Ko ‘si?”

Sri Krishna replied,

“I am Krishna.”

The word Krishna also happens to mean “black snake”.

Radhika therefore said,

“If You are a black snake, then why come here? Do You want to bite Me? Go to the forest. You have no purpose here.”

“No Priyatama, I am Ghanasyama.”

Radhika decided to take Ghanasyama to mean “black cloud”.

“If You are a black cloud, then You also are not needed here,” She answered. “Do not shower rain here and muddy My courtyard. Go to the forests and fields to discharge Your rain.”

“Priyatama, I am Chakri.”

Chakri also means “potter”.

Radhika therefore said,

“There is no need for a chakri here. No wedding festival is being held in My house. Take Your clay pots and find a marriage celebration.”

“Priyatama, I am Madhusudana.”

Radhika intentionally took the word madhusudana to mean “bumblebee” and said,

“If You are madhusudana, then quickly fly from here to a flower-garden and drink the nectar of the flowers. There is no flower-garden here.”

“Come on, I am Your beloved Hari,”

Krishna insisted.

Radhika, interpreted hari as “monkey” or “lion”, and laughingly replied,

“What is the need of a monkey or a lion here? Do You want to scratch Me? Quickly run away to a dense forest. We are all scared of lions and monkeys here.”

In this way, Radhika jokes with Her beloved Hari.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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