Jarati Joking With Krishna


An example of atihasita was manifested in the following incident.

Krishna once addressed Jarati thus:

“My dear good woman, the skin of your face is now slackened, and so your face exactly resembles a monkey’s. As such, the King of the monkeys, Balimukha, has selected you as his worthy wife.”

While Krishna was teasing Jarati in this way, she replied that she was certainly aware of the fact that the King of the monkeys was trying to marry her, but she had already taken shelter of Krishna, the killer of many powerful demons, and therefore she had already decided to marry Krishna instead of the King of the monkeys.

On hearing this sarcastic reply by the talkative Jarati, all the cowherd girls present there began to laugh very loudly and clap their hands. This laughter, accompanied by the clapping of hands, is called atihasita.

(Nectar of Devotion)


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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