It’s lila that counts

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What’s in the books is the meditation on nama, rupa, guna, and lila. It’s the lila that puts you into the Spiritual Goloka conciousness, for the lilas include nama, rupa and guna. As we chant the Guruvastakam every morning;

”Sri Radhika Madhavayorapara

madhurya lila guna rupa namnam…”;

The Spiritual Master is always taking great pleasure in hearing and relishing the wonderful pastimes of Sri Sri Radhika Madhava and Their qualities names and forms. So the Guru is our acarya, teacher by example.

So we too must enter into this bhava, or mood because it’s our Radha Syamakisora’s most pleasing pastimes. As Srila Prabhupada says in the last pages of the chapter on the Rasa Dance…”


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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