Instead, She Glorifies Others


In this month, Sri Radhika lamented in separation:

purnah pulindya urugaya-padabja-raga

sri-kunkumena dayita-stana-manditena

tad-darsana-smara-rujas trna-rusitena

limpantya anana-kucesu jahus tad-adhim

(Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.21.16)

“The aborigine women of the Vrindavana area become disturbed by lust when they see the grass marked with reddish kunkuma powder. Endowed with the color of Krishna’s lotus feet, this powder originally decorated the breasts of His beloveds, and when the aborigine women smear it on their faces and breasts, they feel fully satisfied and give up all their anxiety.”


This is an example of Radhika’s madanakhya-mahabhava (the highest ecstatic love for Krishna). Here She glorifies the aborigine girls who live in the forest, and She says that they are lucky whereas She is not. In the morning time, when they walk around Giriraja Govardhana, they see some red kunkuma powder on the grass and go to pick it up. This kunkuma came from the lotus feet of Krishnacandra when He was returning home in the early morning on the damp grass, and it originally came from the breasts of His beloved. The Pulindi girls think themselves very fortunate to obtain this kunkuma. Simply by their smelling the fragrance, Krishna appears in their hearts, and then they smear that kunkuma paste all over their bodies and faces and thus meet with Krishna in their hearts. There He fulfills all their desires.


Radhika is thinking that these Pulindi girls are fortunate, but more fortunate is the grass because it was directly touched by Krishna’s feet; and more fortunate is that beloved gopi from whose breasts this kunkuma has come. That gopi is Radhika Herself, but because of Her madanakya-mahabhava she forgets this and instead glorifies others.


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