I Think That Maybe Your Vision is Not So Very Good!

Radharani’s particular night dress

After returning in the early morning hours from one such secretive rendezvous, Srimati Radharani rested peacefully in Her beautiful bedroom quarters. Meanwhile, Her intimate maidservants busied themselves with various services in preperation for the new day’s activities.

Mukhara devi is Radharani’s grandmother, and every morning she comes to Javat to visit her darling granddaughter. On this particular morning, as she observed Radharani rising from Her bed, Mukhara noticed that her granddaughter was dressed rather uncharaceristically in an exquisite yellow garment. Because that garment looked remarkably similar to the cloth commonly worn by Sri Krishna, Mukhara became a little suspicious! However, whilst pointing to the nearby window, quick-thinking Visakha proceeded to offer the following explanation,

“My dear Grandmother Mukhara! I think that maybe your vision is not so very good! Because of the combination of your bad eyesight, the morning sunlight, and also my friend Radha’s naturally golden complexion, Her blue garment is somehow appearing to you this morning to be yellow!”

Elderly Mukhara soon departed, and then the gopi name Madhurika appeared. Madhurika had just returned from performing some duties at the residence of Maharaja Nanda. For the pleasure of her dear friend Radha, She proceeded to enthusiastically describe all of the ecstatic activities of Sri Krishna that she had witnessed that morning in Nanda Bhavan.

Then it was time for Srimati Radharani to bathe, and thus with the assistance of Her intimate gopi maidservant, She put on a delicate white bathing dress and entered the crystal bathing room. Pouring beautifully scented waters all over Her body, the gopis bathed Sri Radha, and then in the dressing room, they artfully decorated Her with the finest clothing, ornaments and jewellery.

Just as the very last ornament was being placed on Sri Radha, the gopi named Kundalata appeared bearing a message from Yasoda devi, the Queen of Vraja. She announced that Radha should come as quickly as possible to Nandagram, in order to cook for the darling son of Nanda and Yasoda! Upon receiving this order, Srimati Rradharani’s heart became over flooded with great ocean waves of spontaneous joy, and thus the morning pastimes in Javat drew to a close as Sri Radha and all Her associates eagerly prepared to depart for Nandagram.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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