How does a Ghost Enter Another Person’s Body

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Question: How does a #Ghost Enter Another Person’s Body??…….
#Prabhupada: Not exactly enters, but he catches the body. But because the ghost has no gross body — he has got his subtle body: mind, intelligence, and ego — you cannot see him, how he has attacked that body. You cannot see the body of mind, intelligence. You know I have got my mind; I know you have got your mind. But you do not see my mind; I do not see your mind.
So ghost is within the subtle body: mind, intelligence and ego. So with that subtle body, he attacks the man, but you cannot see. He does not enter into him. Therefore sometimes ghost is walking in the room. We cannot see him. But he takes away something. We see that the thing is going away. Because you cannot see his gross body. And because he hasn’t got gross body, he can move very swiftly. Now he is here; he can go ten miles away immediately. But there is ghost. And they attack specially woman. Woman is attractive for any man, even in ghostly life.
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversation — May 12, 1975, Perth

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