He Was Being Worshiped by Time, Space, the Cosmic Manifestation…

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After this manifestation of Lord Visnu, Brahmā saw that many other Brahmās and Śivas and demigods and even insignificant living entities down to the ants and very small straws – all moving and nonmoving living entities – were dancing, surrounding Lord Visnu. Their dancing was accompanied by various kinds of music, and all of them were worshiping Lord Visnu.

Brahmā realized that all those Visnu forms were complete in mystic power, from the aṇimā perfection of becoming small like an atom up to becoming infinite like the cosmic manifestation. All the mystic powers of Brahmā, Śiva, all the demigods and the twenty-four elements of cosmic manifestation were fully represented in the person of Visnu.

By the influence of Lord Visnu, all subordinate mystic powers were engaged in His worship. He was being worshiped by time, space, the cosmic manifestation, reformation, desire, activity and the three qualities of material nature. Lord Visnu, Brahmā also realized, is the reservoir of all truth, knowledge and bliss. He is the combination of three transcendental features, namely eternity, knowledge and bliss, and He is the object of worship by the followers of the Upaniṣads.


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