He Never Wanted This Lesson to End

Peacock pastimes 1

On this hill behind us we find the place called Mayur kutir. So many beautiful lila took place here.

It is the place where Radha and Krishna would dance as peacocks. This act was done many occasions.


Once during rainy season Srimati Radharnai saw peacocks and pea hens looking at the beautiful monsoon clouds they danced together.

And She became very very much attracted and she expressed her desire to Krishna. so Krishna became peacock and Radharani became pea hen and they danced together on top of this hill. 


Peacock pastimes 2

Another occasion Sri Krishna asked Radharani to teach music because she was such a beautiful singer. Where there is brijbasi song ‘kokilvani Sri Radhe’. Her voice was sweeter than cuckoo bird. Actually cuckoo birds try to sing like Her. So Krishna wanted to learn to sing also.

But He didn’t want lesson to end so every time She would sing particular melody He would sing slightly wrong. And She would teach again and little wrong and again little wrong because he never wanted this lesson to end.

So when She understood that He is purposely singing wrong she became transcendentally angry, Maan mandir. And She went up to maan mandir and she performed Her maan lila and she would not talk Krishna, she would not look at Krishna.

And Krishna desperately wanted Radharani’s affectionate glance. So He went to the top of this hill and began dancing in the form of a peacock. When Radharani looked over and saw that it was so enchanting that she forgot all about Her anger and She came across and She became like pea hen and together they dance.


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