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One of the sages of the heavenly kingdom. He was a close friend of Indra, the King of heaven, and was as great as Brhaspati. He used to visit the royal assembly of Maharaja Yudhisthira, and he also visited the place where Bhismadeva breathed his last. Sometimes he explained the glories of Lord Siva before Maharaja Yudhisthira. He was the son of Vitahavya, and he resembled in features the body of Indra. Sometimes the enemies of Indra mistook him to be Indra and arrested him. He was a great scholar of the Rg-veda, and thus he was highly respected by the brahmana community. He lived a life of celibacy and was powerful in every respect.
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.9.6-7, purport)


A celebrated sage. He was the son of a sage called Vitahavya. Grtsamada was equal to Brhaspati and a great friend of Indra. Once this sage lectured to Yudhisthira on the glory of Siva. Many have mistaken Grtsamada for Indra. Once the asuras bound him by ropes mistaking him for Indra. He had a son named Kuceta. (For more details see under Vasistha)
Maha-bharata Anusasana Parva Chapters 18 and 30.



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