General activities of the same age sakhis

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General activities of the same age sakhis

These dear sakhis are experts in preparing Srimati Radharani’s dress, ornaments and so forth, and in cheating honourable persons such as the husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law.

When Radha and Krishna sometimes have a loving quarrel, they take Sri Radhika’s side.

They assist in taking Sri Radha to meet Sri Krishna at the appointed meeting place and serve Them many kinds of eatables. They relish the pastimes of the Divine Couple and keep secrets concealed.

With pure-hearted cleverness they serve the Youthful Couple according to the needs of a particular time. In all matters they promote the superiority of their own party and the inferiority of the opposing party.

They please the Divine Couple by their dance, songs and playing of musical instruments. They know well how to behave, beg for service as well as converse properly according to circumstance.

A discerning person will himself clearly understand the charming and fascinating activities of these sakhis, and thus there is no need to say anything more. Still, it will not be inappropriate to state that they basically know everything and do whatever is required at a particular moment.

Those sakhis who directly serve in the aforementioned intimate ways are niyuktas and others, who from a distance nourish these intimate services, are aniyuktas[1].

Now the niyuktas and their respective intimate services will be thoroughly described, one by one.

[1] Therefore a niyukta is someone directly appointed to perform a personal service, while aniyukta is the opposite


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