For those who cannot participate live in our videoconferences…

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One thing about how to watch video conferences when you can’t participate live and want to see them in the following days.

All our video conferences go live on Facebook

However, after a short time they are covered by numerous other articles and one has to go down far enough to see them.


All our conferences are or will be placed on our Youtube page

Devotees are uploading old video conferences a little slowly but eventually you will find them all there.


If you want the latest video conference uploaded quickly, contact Bhaktin Arianna and she will take care of posting it. Madhava can put the link in the Whatsapp in English and Arianna herself in the one in Spanish.


I hope this plan works.

Finally, remember that being present at the video conference and possibly with the video camera turned on is the best thing.


Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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