Five types of liberation

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There are five types of liberation one can achieve. The first four are called sarsti, sarupya, samipya and salokya.
Sarsti is the power to achieve opulences equal to those of the Lord,
sarupya is to have a form the same as the Lord’s
samipya is living as a personal associate of the Lord,
salokya is living on a Vaikuntha planet.

The fifth is sayujya, which is to become one with Brahman.
Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami states that devotees never accept sayujya, as it would kill our devotion.


What follows is the complete verse from Caitanya Caritamrita (Adilila 3.18)

Text 18
sarsti, sarupya, ara samipya, salokya
sayujya na laya bhakta yate brahma-aikya

Word-For-Word Meanings
sarsti — opulences equal with the Lord’s; sarupya — the same form as the Lord’s; ara — and; samipya — personal association with the Lord; salokya — residence on a Vaikuntha planet; sayujya — oneness with the Lord; na laya — they do not accept; bhakta — devotees; yate — since; brahma-aikya — oneness with Brahman.

“These liberations are sarsti [achieving opulences equal to those of the Lord], sarupya [having a form the same as the Lord’s], samipya [living as a personal associate of the Lord] and salokya [living on a Vaikuntha planet]. Devotees never accept sayujya, however, since that is oneness with Brahman.

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