Facebook, why are you doing this?

Dear devotees, Hare Krishna.

For some reasons we can’t understand, Facebook has deleted all the message published that contains links to our website.
We prefer not to comment about all of that because we are peaceful Vaisnavas but they should know that we are not businesmen like them, spending the whole of their human lives just to make some money. We are a religious non profit organization and even if we sell a few books and ask for some donation, we do all as a service to society and not for us.


Please note that our main website is (it has always been)

and there you’ll find articles and news that you will not find in our Whatsapp group, in Facebook or in any other social media.

Please take the habit to regularly visit our website



Hare Krishna.

– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
21 feb 2020



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