Duration of a Manvantara

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The actual duration of a Manvantara, according to the Vishnu Purana, is seventy-one times the number of years contained in the four Yugas, with some additional years, adding up to 852,000 divine years, or 306,720,000 human years.

Seven Rishis, certain divinities, Indra, Manu, the king and his sons, are created and perish in one interval called a Manvantara equal to seventy-one times the number of years contained in the four Yugas, as I already said, with some additional years.

A Manu lives about 852,000 divine years, or 306,720,000 years of mortals.

One day and one night multiplied by 100 years gives you the period of Brahma’s life.


1 human year (in the Hindu calendar) = 1 Deva Ahoratra for God (1 day and 1 night)

360 Deva Ahoratras[1] = 1 Deva Vatsara

12,000 Deva Vatsara[2] = 1 Chaturyuga

(12,000 Deva Vatsaras are defined as, 4,800 Deva Vatsaras of Satya Yuga, 3,600 Deva Vatsaras of Treta Yuga, 2,400 Deva Vatsaras of Dvapara Yuga and 1,200 Deva Vatsaras of Kali Yuga (which is 1,200 x 360 = 432,000 human years); summing up to 12,000)

71 Chaturyugas = 1 Manvantaram (1 life span of Manu)

14 Manvantaras = 1 kalpa (1 day of Brahma)

2 Kalpas = 1 day and 1 night, 24 hour period + 1 Brahma ratra

360 days of Brahma = 1 Brahma Varsha

[1] An ahoratra is one day and night

[2] Years of the Devas


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