Krishna In Hastinapura

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As in Hastinapura, in Upaplavya in the course of the debate differences of opinion arose. Two divergent tendencies had been created on the basic attitude to adopt: should a possible path to peace be attempted, or should war be unleashed at any cost? During the discussion, even Bhima surprised everyone by declaring himself in favor of a peaceful solution to the conflict. The hardliners were Sahadeva and Satyaki who wanted to solve it in the battlefield even if Duryodhana agreed to a peaceful solution.

“We will go to war, even if we have to go alone,” they declared.

At one point, Draupadi also intervened.

“I don’t understand how people talk about peace here. How can a virtuous Kshatriya forgive the terrible insults thrown against me by the Kuravas? And the unjust suffering? And the constant provocations? Should we forget everything? No, I will never be able to do that. What happened demands the life of Duryodhana, the sinner Duhssasana, and Karna. And if you do not want to perform the duties that are proper to the social class you belong to, then Sahadeva, Satyaki, my children and Abhimanyu alone will be able to exterminate the aggressors.”

After hearing that genuine appeal, Krishna calmed the queen with kind phrases, reminding her that the wicked would never accept a peaceful solution, but that nevertheless they would have to continue trying to get it in order to be entirely on the side of the righteous.


The next day Krishna and Satyaki left for Hastinapura

As soon as Duryodhana left his bedroom, Krishna looked at Arjuna in amazement.

“What is the point of this, my friend?” You have chosen me even though I have no intention of taking up arms instead choosing an almost invincible army. Don’t you think you have made a mistake?”

“I don’t think so at all,” he retorted, smiling openly, “because I know the transcendental nature of Your activities and therefore, I know what it means to have You next to me. But in the war that lies ahead I would like you to take on a special role to satisfy a desire I have always had and that I hope you want to fulfill.”

“Tell me, what can I do?” Krishna asked.

“I’ve always dreamed of taking to the battlefield with you driving my chariot. The war is now near and it will be difficult to avoid, but if you want to lead me through the enemy ranks, I consider this war has already been won.”

At that moment Satyaki entered with the news that Kritavarma would fight against them.

The days that passed made one thing increasingly clear: that war would cause a terrifying carnage between friends and relatives, reason why every effort had to be made to avoid it.

All three departed back to Upaplavya.



This is a section of the book “Maha-bharata, Vol. 2”.

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