Drona Parva of the Maha-bharata: index of the main events

Sanjaya tells to Dhritarastra of the fall of Bhisma

Karna enters the field

Bhishma blesses Karna

Drona appointed general

Fall of Drona; story

Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhisthira

The samsaptaka (the Trigartas)

Drona tells Duryodhana that Arjuna is invincible

Fall of Bhagadatta and Supratika

Padma Vyuha and Abhimanyu – Jayadratha

Jayadratha killed by Arjuna; Jayadratha’s father

Satyaki and Bhurisrava, Virata and Draupada, Somadatta

Death of Ghatotkacha

Asvatthama is dead; Dristadyumna kills Drona

Asvatthama launches the Narayana astra




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