Dream Pastimes – Radharani and Caitanya


Ranga Mahal

In Vrindavan there are some special places with fascinating histories.

Nidhivan is a very beautiful kunja of small trees.

According to Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura when Lord Krishna left Rasalila to find Srimati Radharani, this is the place where it had happened.

Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura wrote a story called Svapna Vilasa where he explains the pastimes of a dream.

In Nidhivan, there is a very beautiful temple called Ranga Mahal where Radha and Krishna would go to rest.

Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura explains that once when Srimati Radharani was resting here, she had a dream.

She woke up and said to Krishna,

“I have to tell You the dream that I just saw.

You have shown me so many different ways you appear in this world but the form I saw in this dream was very special.

I saw a beautiful golden form, more beautiful than any other incarnation.

This form was dancing ecstatically on the banks of a river which looked exactly like Yamuna and a forest which looked exactly like Vrindavan. And I saw all around were thousands of people chanting and dancing.

It was the form of a Brahmin chanting with His arms raised.

He was flooding the whole universe with love of god.

Sometimes this golden bodied brahman was crying out.

‘O My Lord Krishna! Where are You?’ and sometimes I heard him crying out, ‘O My beloved Radha! Where are you?’

And when I saw Him chanting like this I felt He was You.

Can you tell me who is this person?”

Krishna lifted his Kaustubha mani and told Srimati Radharani to look within it.

When she looked within it she saw the exact same pastime.

Srimati Radharani said,

“Now I can understand that both of us are going to combine. The two of us are going to incarnate in this age of Kaliyuga to spread Our love throughout the world through the congregational chanting of Our holy names.”

Around 500 years ago, Lord Caitanya came to deliver us.

To give us Love for Krishna.

To give us the Holy Name.

He came not to punish but to forgive and give us a chance to move ahead in our spiritual life so we can go back to Him.



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