Dohani-kunda and a jet of milk on Radharani’s face

Dohani-kunda is in Varsana.

The cows were milked (godohana) here at the time of Krishna’s manifest pastimes.
This was the cowshed of the many hundred of thousands of cows belonging to Vrishabhanu Maharaja.

One day, Kisori Radhika was watching the cows being milked, and She too desired to milk them.
She took a clay pot and proceeded to do so.

Mischievous Krishna arrived at that spot and said,
“Sakhi, don’t You know how to milk a cow? Come, I will teach You.”
And He sat down next to Her.
“O Mohana, teach Me,”
Radhika said, and She placed Herself in front of Him.
“All right. You milk from two teats and I will milk from the other two, and keep looking at Me.”
Laughing, Krishna started to milk.
Suddenly, He aimed a jet of milk at Radha’s face, saturating Her with it.
He and the other sakhis started laughing.


This charming pastime has been described in the following Brajabhasha poem:
amem samem baith dou dohat karat
thathor dudh dhar mukh par
padat drig bhaye candr cakor.

The milk given by the cows in Dohani Kunda used to be distributed to everyone.

Many other transcendental pastimes happened in this place. Radharani used to play with the gopis there, throwing earth to each other.


While doing parikrama of Varsana, if instead to go to Gahvaravana you turn left, you find Dohani Kunda.
Not many devotees visit this place and actually not many know of the existance of this Kunda.

This pond is situated south of Gahvaravana and south-west of the village of Ciksauli.

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