Diwali (or Dipavali) Festival

Letter from Srila Prabhupada
10th October. 1968,
(Letter from Srila Prabhupada to Hamsadutta dasa written from Seattle., Letters book Vol 1. p.549.)

Diwali ceremony can be observed in the temple by illuminating 100’s of candles, indifferent parts of the temple, and offering a special Prasad to the Deity.
This ceremony was observed by the inhabitants of Ayodhya, the Kingdom of Lord Ramachandra, while Lord Ramachandra was out of His Kingdom due to His 14 years banishment by the order of His father. His younger step-brother Bharata, took charge of the Kingdom and the day on which Lord Ramachandra took back the charge again from His brother, and seated on the throne, this is observed as Diwali, and Deepabali.
Deepabali means the same thing – Deepa means candles, and bali means numerous. When numerous candles are lighted it is called Deepabali. In India, this Deepavali function is celebrated in a special auspicious occassion. This Deepabali function can be observed on 21st October, and Prasad can be distributed on 22nd October, during daytime, which is known as Govardhan Puja and Annakuta Ceremony. In India, in all Vaishnava temples, this ceremony is observed and 100’s of people are given prasadam according to the capacity of the temple. So I understand that last year the Deepabali ceremony was held in the temple, and there was collection of $130.00. So you can do the needful.

Hope you are all well.
Your Ever Well Wisher.
A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami.


More festivities:

Return of Lord Ramachandra from His exile for 14 years.

Radha and Krishna had numerous pastimes in Diwali.

The appearance of Laksmidevi from the ocean of milk.

Appearance of Lord Dhanvantari (also an incarnation of Krsna), who gave Ayurveda.

Lord Krsna’s release of the 16,100 princesses from clutches of the demon Narakasura.

Return of Bali Maharaj to his kingdom for one day from the Patala Loka (lower planetary system) where he was sent by Krsna’s incarnation of Vamana Deva.

Observance of Kartika in Vrindavan for whole month for Lord Krsna’s pastimes of Damodara Lila.

Duryodhana was killed on this day so all the Brijabasis had also celebrated Diwali and the return of Pandavas after their exile for one year during Lord Krsna’s pastimes on Earth 5000 years ago.

Kuvera (the treasurer of the universe) was appointed at his post one of the universal managers appointed by Lord Krsna.

Yamaraj (also an appointed managerial post of Lord of the Death for judgments of all actions of all living entities in the universe, appointed by Lord Krsna).

King Vikramaditya was ordained on this day therefore the Vedic Calendar starts from then.

Surabhi cow had appeared from churning of the Milk Ocean (Kshirsagar) so the cows are worshipped and honored.

According to some, Lord Krsna lifting the Govardhan Hill today for seven days to protect the residents from Indra’s devastating rain.

Appearance of Lord Parasurama (incarnation of Lord Krsna) during this Season.

Pandavas also return from their one year exile from the forest on this day.

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