Denounce rogues but don’t slander people


A devotee has thought about creating a website, something like a black list, concerning male devotees who have cheated girls, with the stories of the things they have done. It seems perfect to me that deceivers who are still active are publicly exposed for the benefit of other devotees and they do not get entangled with these people.

Now my question is, from the devotional part this action can attract something negative to the practice of bhakti? And what attitude should one take before these people?

Thank you
Ys paramesvari dd



In the past union between devotees were facilitated by the intervention of the temples, who would give suggestions who to try to unite with. This was good as the authorites knew people better.
In indian culture, especially in remote times, marriages would be organized by parents with the help of experts in different fields.
Of course I understand that this idea takes away the whole of romanticism and sexual attracion and that a lot of people feels differently, that everyone should be free to choose each other. Now I can see that even in our movement boys and girls go freely around looking for partners.

The results is what you are describing to me: when senses go unchecked, lust boys (and lusty girls) go from one to another without asking anything to anyone and nobody telling them anything.
If people wants modernity they have the same stuff there is in the material world, boys and girls betrying one another.

As the new generation prefer anarchy, then the idea of self defence by, for instance, denouncing lusty liers and cheaters using techologies seems logical to me.

However we must be careful to do not slander innocent people. There are not only innocent and guilty but many layers in between. I could tell a lot of horror stories about this. In the past people have been slandered, their reputation gone and their life destroyed by false accusations.
In these cases, we are committing the worst offense, aparadha.
So we have to be completely sure of what we are doing.

Best would be having a functioning Ministry of Justice in Iskcon, which we definitely don’t have. Now the devotees are left defending by themselves or simply give up the hope of having justice or even leave Krishna consciousness.
Hopefully the next generation of devotees will have a better system of defence.


– Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
11 feb 2020




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