Dawn and Arrival of Mukharā


The sounds of cowherds churning milk and brāhmaṇas chanting the Vedas echoed throughout the town. The loud chanting of the brāhmaṇas competed with the cows anxiously calling their calves. In competition, the clamor of the cows and brāhmaṇas rose to higher and higher pitches.

The best of reciters broadcast waves of nectar by singing the glories of Krishna’s pastimes. The warbling of parrots, sparrows and peacocks reached a crescendo of noise. The inhabitants of Vraja gradually woke up and sat on their beds to plan their days. The village women were excited to visit Nanda’s home to see Krishna.

Mukharā, a treasure chest of parental affection, arrived at Rādhā’s home. Beholding the beautiful face of her granddaughter made her life worthwhile. Mukharā entered the house calling out,

“Rādhā! Where are you my dear daughter?[1]

Jatīlā, a crafty, suspicious biddy, greeted Mukharā and spoke to her with a desire to increase her son’s prosperity:

“Every day, the learned Paurṇamāsī instructs me, ‘O wise one! To attain progeny, long life, wealth and countless cows for your son Abhimanyu, please have your daughter-in-law Rādhā bathe, dress and ornament Herself so She can do Sūrya-pūjā. Never disobey the order of Yaśodā, the queen of the cowherds. And do not worry about the opinion of the common people.’ Therefore, O respectable Mukharā, please adorn your granddaughter with all auspicious blessings so that my son will gain all prosperity.”

Jaṭilā said to Rādhā,

“O daughter! Quickly rise, perform household worship, take Your bath and collect the items for sun worship.”

Mukharā uttered repeatedly,

“How surprising! The dawn has passed but my granddaughter is still sleeping!”

Mukharā, her heart melting with affection, entered Rādhā’s bedroom and said,

“O lovely child! Please get up now. O innocent one, have You forgotten that today is Sunday? You should bathe, offer arghya to the rising sun and quickly prepare for his worship.”

Viśākhā, who was serving Rādhā in Her bedroom, awoke upon hearing the old woman’s words. Though still drowsy, Viśākhā got out of bed and said,

“O sakhī Rādhā! Quickly rise, quickly rise!”

[1] Krishna-bhāvanāmṛta 3.10-13


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