About Vaisnava etiquettes

  Dear Radha Kunda, Please receive my blessings. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   In our culture what we call “etiquettes”, or proper behaviour (in body, speech and mind) is important. Behaviour modifies our character and … Read More


What is Samadhi

The sanskrit word Samadhi has different meanings. Let’s see some of them. First case: Samadhi may be divided in two words: sama (same) and dhi (intelligence). When departing this world, the pure devotee has reached the … Read More


An Aksauhini

Maha-bharata Adi Parva, Sangraha An aksauhini is a whole army consisting of 109,350 foot soldiers, 65,610 horses, 21,870 chariots 21,870 elephants The aksauhinis “The Rishis said, ‘We have a desire to know, O son of Suta, … Read More

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