Candravali: Where is Kamsa?

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Candravali’s mood is very deep.

Sometimes if Krsna meets with another gopi and then meets with Candravali and there are signs on his body that He has met with somebody else, it is hard for Krsna to understand whether or not Candravali is angry because her contrary mood is very deep in her heart.


In order to see this mood Krsna sometimes approaches Candravali and says,

“O Radhe, how are you?”


Candravali replies,

“O Kamsa Maharaja, how are you?”


Krsna says,

“Why have you mentioned Kamsa Maharaja? He is not here.”


She replies,

“Why are you mentioning Radha? She is not here.”


Her anger due to jealousy is very deep.

She doesn’t have so much mana, in comparison with Srimati Radhika, but still it is more then we can imagine.

Krsna sometimes asks Madhumangala,

“How can I understand these deep moods?”


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