Believing In Me, Just Do As It Is Needed

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Sri Sri Radha Ksira-Chora Gopinatha at Remuna, Orissa

Obstacles in the Service of Lord are greatly Welcomed

Madhavendra Puri told the servants of Lord Jagannath and all the great devotees there the story of the appearance of Gopal. And he told about the dream. So they made wonderful arrangements to assist him by collecting sandalwood. And in great pleasure they endeavored to collect it. And those who were acquainted with government officers met with them and begged for camphor and sandalwood which they collected. 

One Brahman and one servant were given to Madhavendra Puri just to carry the sandalwood. And he was also given the necessary travelling expenses to get passed the toll collectors. 

So Madhavendra Puri was supplied with the release papers and then he had to go. And in this way he started for Vrindavan with the burden of sandalwood. 

And after some days he again reached Remuna and he went to the Gopinath temple. This is also very dangerous. He had one brahmana and one servant. There were thieves, dacoits, rogues who can rob him kill him but he was fearless. 

So when Madhavendra Puri reached the temple of Gopinath he offered his respectful obeisance’s many times at the lotus feet of the Lord. And in the ecstasy of love, he began to dance and sing without cessation. And when the pujari again saw Madhavendra Puri he offered his respects and he gave him sweet rice prasadam and made him eat. Madhavendra Puri was so humble; he would have to make him eat. 

Madhavendra Puri took rest that night but toward the end of the night he had another dream. Madhavendra Puri dreamed that Gopal came before him again and said, 

“O Madhavendra Puri, I have already received all the sandalwood and camphor. Now just grind all the sandalwood together with the camphor and then smear the pulp on the body of Gopinath daily until it is finished. There’s no difference between My body and Gopinath’s body. They are one and the same. Therefore if you smear the sandalwood on the body of Gopinath, you’ll naturally also smear it on My body. Thus the temperature of My body will be reduced. You should not hesitate to act according to my order. Believing in me, just do as it is needed”. 

After giving these instructions, Gopal disappeared.

Then Madhavendra Puri awoke and immediately called for the servants of Gopinath and told them that 

“Smear the body of Gopinath with this camphor and sandalwood that I’ve brought for Gopal in Vrindavan. Do this regularly every day. If the sandalwood pulp is smeared over the body of Gopinath then Gopal will be cooled. After all the Supreme personality of Godhead is completely independent and his order is all powerful. “

The servants of Gopinath were very pleased to hear this. Because it was the summer season, it was very hot. So Madhavendra Puri gave his two assistants to regularly grind the sandalwood and two other people would help. That was their service to just grind the sandalwood and present to Gopinath. 

In this way every day Gopinath’s body was completely covered with the sandalwood pulp. And Madhavendra Puri stayed there until the entire stock was finished.

And at the end of the summer Madhavendra Puri returned to Jagannath Puri where he remained with great pleasure during the whole period of catur masya. 

Today that same temple of Gopinath is still present in Remuna.


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