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I was exploring the Vedic Encyclopedia under construction and I found that when I try to open a link, instead of giving me a description of the title or topic that I want to learn about, it sends me to the book where the topic is explained. It was confusing to me because the encyclopedias that I know are the traditionals such as Britannica, the Universal Free Encyclopedia and the like that provide the requested explanation without having to resort to other resources.




The Vedic Encyclopedia is a big reservoir (today we are at 4,354 titles but it will reach tens of thousands) where you can find any name of personality, place, activity, philosophical principles and the links of where to find them. Just like when you go to a library looking for some information you go searching through the shelves.
Our Vedic Encyclopedia is like that library. We’ll tell you where is the information you are looking for.
Of course many datas will be immediately visible even without a click (see on the right column) or free of charge with a single click.


I agree with you that the best formula would be that with a single click you have everything there is to know on a certain subject.


However, you mention the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Know that they receive huge funds from various sources to pay for everything, including technicians, secretaries, offices, researchers, scholars etc.
And even with all that money they receive still is not free. There is a subscription to pay.


We receive no funds from anybody and I’ll spare you the list of the expenses necessary to do all this. Just the Maha-bharata that everybody is enjoying so much on Fridays I paid 248 dollars for the books!


In the past I tried the subscription but no result. The only thing we receive is a few donations from very few good devotees.

If we received funds or subscriptions everything would be more and better.


Let’s hope we’ll arrive there in the future.



Your well-wisher
Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)


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