A Third Conversation



On a fine morning, when Krishna arrived, Radha asked,

“My dear Keshava, where is your vasa now?”

The word vasa in Sanskrit means residence, fragrance, or dress. Radha enquired of His dress, but Krishna meant of His home and replied,

“My dear girl, I reside now in Your lovely eyes.”

Radha said,

“My cunning boy, I meant Your dress and not residence.”

Krishna meant vasa as fragrance and replied,

“I am as this fragrance to embrace Your body.”

Radha again asked,

“Where were You at night?”

In Sanskrit, yaminyamusitah can be split into yaminyam means night and usitah means pass. Krishna took it as yaminya-musitah means kidnapped by yamini (night).

Krishna said,

“Dear Radharani, I am kidnapped by night.”

Thus the cunning replies gladdened the best of the Gopis.

May the smiling Lord Krishna protect us all.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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